Directory of Instructors

This list includes all instructors teaching ENGL 1003, 1004, 1007, 1010, and 1011 on all six University of Connecticut campuses. It does not, for reasons of space, include the many instructors who teach our courses on high school campuses around state through the Early College Experience program, but we are extremely grateful for their hard work and commitment to teaching!

List of People
Margaret AscenzoInstructor, Storrs
Suzanne BarnettAdjunct Faculty, Stamford
Kyle BarronInstructor, Storrs
Arianna BascheInstructor, Storrs
Leah BeggInstructor, Storrs
Brandon BeneventoVisiting Assistant Professor, Storrs, Visiting Assistant Associate Director
Mckenzie BerganInstructor, Storrs
Sarah BertekapInstructor, Storrs
Nicole BlumenfeldInstructor, Storrs
Ruba BouzanInstructor, Storrs
Karin BoykoAdjunct Faculty, Stamford
Cat BrackettAdjunct Faculty, Stamford
Carly BriaInstructor, Storrs
Liora BroshAdjunct Faculty, Stamford
Nicholas BrownAdjunct Faculty, Storrs
Julia BrushInstructor, Storrs
Sophia BucknerInstructor, Storrs
Scott CampbellAssociate Professor and Writing Coordinator, Hartford Campus
Ellen CarilloAssociate Professor
Writing Coordinator, Waterbury
Scott CerretaAdjunct Faculty, Stamford
Laura Chilson-ParksAdjunct Faculty, Storrs
Lois ChurchAdjunct Faculty, Waterbury
Jake CouturiauxInstructor, Storrs
Kari DalyAdjunct Faculty, Storrs
Victoria De Paolo-GagneAdjunct Faculty, Storrs
Sarah DecapuaAssistant Professor in Residence, Storrs
Bronwyn DiperiAdjunct Faculty, Storrs
Emily DolanAdjunct Faculty, Storrs
Tessla DonovanInstructor, Storrs
Thomas DoranAssistant Professor in Residence, Storrs
Anie DubosseAdjunct Faculty, Stamford
Liza EscottAdjunct Faculty, Storrs
Daniela FalcoInstructor, Waterbury
Stephanie FischerAdjunct Faculty, Storrs
Sarah FoxAdjunct Faculty, Hartford
Matthew GagnonInstructor, Hartford
Matthew GallagherAdjunct Faculty, Storrs
Dominique GalvezInstructor, Storrs
Gretchen GeerInstructor, Storrs
Madison GehlingInstructor, Storrs
Cindy GenzanoAdjunct Faculty, Hartford
Danielle GilmanAssistant Professor in Residence, Stamford
Ron GlazAdjunct Faculty, Hartford
Serkan GorkemliAssociate Professor of English, Stamford Campus
James HarlowAdjunct Faculty, Storrs
Daniel HealyInstructor, Storrs
Tolonda HendersonInstructor, Storrs
George HimesInstructor, Hartford
Jacob HornAssistant Professor in Residence
Writing Center Coordinator, Hartford
Wei-Hao HuangInstructor, Storrs
Tina HueyAdjunct Faculty, Storrs
Lindsay HunnicuttInstructor, Storrs
Heon JeonAssistant Professor in Residence, Storrs
Chad JewettAdjunct Faculty, Storrs
Catherine KeoughInstructor, Storrs
Suhyun KimInstructor, Storrs
Sarah KingAdjunct Faculty, Hartford
Kathleen KoljianInstructor, Storrs
Shelby KreigerInstructor, Storrs
Alyssa KruegerAdjunct Faculty, Storrs
Jason LabbeAdjunct Faculty, Waterbury
Kyle LabeInstructor, Storrs
Darby LaceyInstructor, Storrs
Sharon LattigAssistant Professor in Residence, Stamford
Thomas LaymanInstructor, Storrs
Alejandra LeosInstructor, Storrs
Gregory MaddenInstructor, Storrs
Michael MarottoAdjunct Faculty, Stamford
Margaret McFarlaneInstructor, Storrs
Adam McLainInstructor, Storrs
Andrew MerecickyAdjunct Faculty, Storrs
Jonathan MerolaInstructor, Storrs
Emelia MixterAdjunct Faculty, Storrs
Marie Nour NakhleInstructor, Storrs
Jose (Joel) NebresAdjunct Faculty, Storrs
Amy NoctonAdjunct Faculty, Storrs
Muireann O'CallaghanAdjunct Faculty, Avery Point
Alyse O'HaraInstructor, Storrs
David Olio Jr.Adjunct Faculty, Hartford
Zeynep OzerInstructor, Storrs
Lynn PatariniAdjunct Faculty, Waterbury
Trace PetersonVisiting Assistant Professor, Storrs
Pressley PowellInstructor, Storrs
Lisa Anne PrinceAdjunct Faculty, Stamford
Patrick PritchettAdjunct Faculty, Hartford
Aaron ProudfootInstructor, Storrs
Stephen RascherAdjunct Faculty, Hartford
Psyche ReadyInstructor, Storrs
Elizabeth ReinwaldVisiting Assistant Professor, Storrs
Samuel RobinsonWriting Center Coordinator, Waterbury
Kenia RodriguezInstructor, Storrs
Debapriya SarkarAssistant Professor, Avery Point
Jessyka ScoppettaAdjunct Faculty, Waterbury
Sarah SheaAdjunct Faculty, Avery Point
Casey SmedbergInstructor, Storrs
Sharon SobelAdjunct Faculty, Stamford
Sam SommersVisiting Assistant Professor, Waterbury
Bilal TajildeenAdjunct Faculty, Hartford
Jeffrey TalbotAdjunct Faculty, Stamford
Hannah TaylorInstructor, Storrs
Kiedra TaylorInstructor, Storrs
Rebecca TroegerAssistant Professor in Residence
First-Year Writing and Writing Center Liaison, Avery Point
Stefan VogelVisiting Assistant Professor, Storrs
Paige WalkerAdjunct Faculty, Storrs
Paula WeinmanInstructor, Storrs
Anne WetterstenAdjunct Faculty, Hartford
Lewis WhitakerAdjunct Faculty, Stamford
John WhiteAdjunct Faculty, Stamford
Julia WielletteAdjunct Faculty, Hartford
Renee WinchesterAdjunct Faculty, Avery Point
Julia WoldInstructor, Storrs
Laurie WolfleyInstructor, Avery Point
Benjamin WoodardAdjunct Faculty, Waterbury
Elyssa WrubelInstructor, Storrs
Elizabeth ZavodnyInstructor, Storrs
Lauren ZiolkowskiInstructor, Storrs
Lisa ZowadaAdjunct Faculty, Waterbury
Brenda BrueggemannAetna Chair of Writing
Lisa BlansettDirector of First-Year Writing, Storrs
Associate Professor in Residence, Storrs
Oliver Hiob-BansalAssistant Professor in Residence
Coordinator of Second Language Writing, Storrs