Are You Eligible for a Course Equivalency Review?

CER Required Materials Criteria

You will need to include the following in your electronic submission:

  • current UConn transcript (unofficial is acceptable; your name must be visible on a screenshot or PDF; if a screen shot, it must be large enough to be read [enlarging a screenshot often makes the image unreadable]). Please do not take photo of your computer screen with your phone; those images do not transfer well. If you don’t know how to capture your screen please check out the one of the following: PC screen caps or Mac screen caps.
  • Transfer Credit Evaluation, available on Student Admin or from the Admission’s office. Within Student Admin (aka PeopleSoft), go to the Student Center > My Academics > Transfer Credit Report (a copy or screen print is acceptable so long as the letters/characters are large enough to be read on a screen; your name must be visible).
  • One substantial sample of the student’s writing. This sample should be argument-driven, provide extensive, detailed analysis and discussion of text(s), and present evidence with attribution (such as MLA/APA citation). Each sample must be the equivalent of 5 full pages (approximately 1,500 words) of prose PLUS works cited page(s), and should demonstrate a student’s ability to engage with (not simply report on) multiple sources. As a group, the sources need to fulfill all or most of these roles: supply arguments or approaches to be engaged with, serve as an object to be analyzed, move the conversation in a different direction, introduce concepts or keywords for analysis, and, in a limited number of cases, provide background information or serve as validation for one’s own position or concepts.  Be aware that a writing sample dominated by a simple list of encyclopedias for source material is insufficient in its engagement with sources. Try to think of sources as voices brought to the table for a conversation, and conversation is not characterized by several voices stating their cases and leaving; rather, a conversation is by definition interactive.
    • Students may submit essays from any college-level course (please indicate which course the project is from), so long as it is recent and meets the other requirements. We recommend you choose whatever project you feel represents your best work. Students may submit two samples if an individual sample meets some but not all of the requirements. For example, if the essay a student feels represents his or her best work is not a research paper with citations, he or she may submit a second paper at the same time that does include research (however, at least one project must engage with researched sources—see discussion above re: “engage with sources”).


Contact Information

Questions about special circumstances not covered above should be directed to

For questions about the CER procedure please contact the Assistant Directors of First-Year Writing at

For Course Equivalency Reviews at other campuses, please contact the campus Writing Coordinator there:

  • Hartford Campus: Dr. Scott Campbell (
  • Avery Point Campus: Dr. Pam Bedore (
  • Stamford Campus: Contact the Storrs Campus FYW Office (
  • Waterbury Campus: Dr. Ellen Carillo (