First-Year Writing Guided Placement


Our First-Year Writing (FYW) courses will give you the opportunity to experiment with new approaches to writing, to develop unique lines of thought, and to communicate them in a variety of different ways using writing, images, sound, movement, and video. As part of the University’s General Education requirements, FYW courses will expand your writing and composing skills, while you build on and add nuance to the skills you have been developing over the course of your education up to this point. While our courses are designated as "English," they are not language or strictly speaking literature courses. In our courses we aim to help you become careful writers, attentive consumers and insightful producers of knowledge and meaning.

Now that you’ve come to the University of Connecticut, we’re going to ask you to engage with many different kinds of texts from a wide variety of perspectives and disciplines. We’re also going to ask you to think more about the means you use to communicate, which includes writing--but also sound, visual/video, movement, and how we use space (like rooms or the flat field of a web page). You can expect that all of our courses will challenge you but also guide you; you will become more practiced at pursuing your own questions and engaging with others’ work beyond just agreeing or disagreeing with them. You will also become more confident using a range of media and technologies while you become a sleuth and a maker of knowledge. We hope you'll come to see academic and intellectual work as creative work.

To help you select a writing course that will help you expand your writing practices, all new students across all campuses will complete a Guided Placement Survey. The Guided Placement Survey (GPS) will show you your match to the First-Year Writing course based on your past engagements with reading and your experience with writing for a wide audience. We are sharing material about our courses so you will be able to make an informed decision about what you need, and you'll be able to tell us what courses you believe suit you best. The GPS is not a test. Instead, you'll respond to questions about your own experiences, review some material that you might see in our courses, and reflect on what you believe the best choice might be.

At the end of the survey, you'll indicate which course you believe is the best match, and you will see our recommendation for a course. Your advisor will see your preferred course and the program's recommendation to help you build a schedule for your first semester at UConn.

If you have credit for Early College Experience (ECE), or have Advanced Placement (AP) scores at 4 or above on the Language and Composition examination or Composition and Literature examination of the College Board Scholastic Advanced Placement Program (AP exam) then you will still complete the survey, but you may be able to choose whether you take FYW courses. Many students find that our courses provide experience and skills relevant to future coursework and careers, and so opt to take a course in FYW. 

This page will provide the information you information you need to take the GPS. This information will be available at least 10 days before New Student Orientation begins in May. Until then, feel free to review our site and our courses.

How to Take the Guided Placement Survey

Who uses the Guided Placement Survey (GPS) to find a course match?

  • Everyone takes the Guided Placement Survey (GPS). You can share ore information about credits, experiences, and goals for writing courses through the GPS. The GPS will be available in mid-May, 2021.

When should a student complete the Guided Placement Survey (GPS)?

  • You should complete it before you meet with your advisor for course enrollment.

What is the process for the Guided Placement Survey (GPS)?

  • Updated information on the Guided Placement Survey for placement in the 2021-2022 academic year will be available in mid-May.

Instructions for the Guided Placement Survey (GPS)

Information will be available here in mid-May, 2021.

Avery Point First-Year Writing

More information will be posted here in mid-May, 2021.

Greater Hartford First-Year Writing Courses

More information will be posted here in mid-May, 2021.

Stamford First-Year Writing Courses

More information will be posted here in mid-May, 2021.

Storrs First-Year Writing Courses

More information will be posted here in mid-May, 2021.

Waterbury First-Year Writing Courses

More information will be posted here in mid-May, 2021.

AP English, ECE, and/or Transfer Credits

For more information about First-Year Writing placement for students with AP and ECE credit, or students transferring credit into the University, please review the Placement page for the University under "English Placement."

If you have writing credits that have transferred into the University of Connecticut and you would like to consider petitioning for a Course Equivalency Review to receive a waiver for First-Year Writing, please visit our Course Equivalency Review page. Please note that you will need at least 3 credits in either ENGL-91002 or ENGL-91003 in order to petition for a Course Equivalency Review.