UConn Avery Point Campus

Overlooking the water of the Long Island Sound, the Avery Point campus currently features three different First-Year Writing courses.

ENGL 1010 and 1011

UConn’s ENGL 1010 and 1011 seminars fulfill the General Education First-Year Writing requirement. These two separate courses (you only need to take one or the other) are characterized by collaborative, student-driven inquiry. As a part of a student’s general education, these courses prepare students for future academic work by asking them to use writing to contribute to active academic conversations across various media. The instructor in an FYW seminar provides a site and offers contexts with assigned texts, central questions, and directed discussion for the development of this ongoing work. Through cycles of writing, feedback, and reflection, students work on projects in which they select and define places where they might advance the class conversation. Writing projects in either course will be grounded in a course-long inquiry of a fairly specific topic.


Both English 1010 and English 1011 provide students with practice and instruction in academic writing through inquiry-based writing projects, and each course puts emphasis on development and revision of formal assignments that include information literacy, multimodal, and reflective writing components. Although there is considerable overlap in the structure and kinds of projects produced in the two courses, English 1011 gives more attention to literary texts as significant resources for advancing student inquiry. In both courses, the student writing that emerges from these engagements takes precedence over mastery of a body of readings. The goal of a 1010/1011 seminar is to provide a site for students to do the intellectual work of academic writing, including research, drafting, revising, and reflecting.

ENGL 1010S

ENGL 1010S has the same learning objectives and approaches as ENGL 1010, but offers students additional support if they have concerns about being successful in college-level writing. The ENGL 1010S class has fewer students (15 instead of 20) and includes an extra hour of small-group writing instruction each week (led by an advanced undergraduate writing fellow). In the case that a student does not reach the goals of ENGL 1010 in a single semester, ENGL 1010S also offers a zero-credit writing extension for students to complete the course.

For questions or more information about FYW at the Avery Point Campus, please contact

Dr. Pamela Bedore, Professor of English (on sabbatical, May 15, 2021-December 31, 2021. While Dr. Bedore is off working on an exciting project, please contact Rebecca Troeger).

Avery Point Writing Program Coordinator