Resources for Instructors


Instructors in First-Year Writing teach one of four different courses. The majority of our instructors teach English 1010 and 1011, but we also offer a small number of sections of English 1004 (Introduction to Academic Writing), English 1010S (1010 supported sections), and English 1003 each semester. All of our courses are based upon the same assumptions:

1. students benefit the most from small classroom sizes and individual attention from instructors;

2. students can and should be expected to do serious intellectual work in their writing courses; and

3. students should come to understand writing as an intellectual process that requires continual development and revision.

We encourage instructors to develop a multitude of different approaches that build on these assumptions. As a result, teachers find that our courses are eminently flexible, and can be adjusted to fit their own teaching styles and interests, as well as the learning styles and interests of students.

Nonetheless, there are certain core components of our courses that instructors should know about and incorporate as they plan and lead their courses. Please explore these pages using the tabs above and make use of their resources, including course descriptions and specifics, sample syllabi and assignments and guidelines for building an English 1004/1010/1011 course, suggestions and resources for working with multilingual writers across all our courses, important documents and resources for talking with students about plagiarism and dealing with academic misconduct if it arises, and specific information and resources for Storrs teachers of Engl 1003/1004/1010/1011.