Composed Selfies


Please take a moment to tell us and your colleagues more about yourself. We've included questions below the text entry box to help.
  • What would you like to tell everyone? Pick, choose, combine, sample from the questions we've listed below the text entry box. Whatever you come up with from thinking through the prompts, work into a paragraph! Voila! You're composed!*

    1. What do you emphasize most in a FYW course?
    2. What makes your teaching unique? Any quirks?
    3. What are your other interests? (As a scholar or otherwise—everyday preoccupations, hobbies, grand ambitions, etc.?) Do these other interests inform your teaching in some way and, if so, how?
    4. Of those things outside teaching, what do you feel you're good at?
    5. Do you have a particular reading that you assign pretty much every semester?
    6. Which of the assignments that you’ve created for FYW are you most proud of?
    7. If you could choose one object from the FYW office to rescue from certain doom, which would you pick and why?
    8. Do you have any good stories of a time when, as an instructor, you could have done better?
    9. Do you have teaching experience aside from your work with UConn’s FYW program?
    10. What’s the “best” (interpret however you’d like) feedback you’ve received in a student evaluation of your teaching?
    11. Where are you from, and how do you like living in New England?
    12. Who do you consider to be your teaching mentor(s) or role model(s)?
    13. What text has most influenced your approach to teaching?
    14. What is your spirit animal?
    15. What song should play when you walk into a room?
    16. How long have you taught here?
    17. What's your favorite text for the FYW classroom?
    18. What is your students' favorite text?

    *We recommend you write your paragraph in a document and then paste it in. Because TFW you're writing in an online text box and. . .poof! This interface doesn't autosave!
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  • Accepted file types: jpg, gif, png.
    Upload your selfie here! If you are very camera shy, you can share your avatar. . .or Bitmoji. . .or whatever you think best represents you for your colleagues.
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