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Teach the ENGL 1007 Studio in Fall 2022

Teaching the Studio for First-Year Writing

We are seeking candidates to teach UConn First-Year Writing’s (FYW) ENGL 1007 Studio, a “lab-style” course that is linked to ENGL 1007 (Seminar in Academic and Multimodal Writing). The opportunity is available as a partial appointment (.165, .333, up to .50). 

In the ENGL 1007 Studio,  students develop digital and media literacies using materials from their Seminar as raw materials. Students design and develop a digital portfolio to exhibit the work they do across the Seminar and Studio. 

Taking this GAship can help you expand your teaching portfolio and provide you with new teaching skills that may be of use for teaching W courses at the University. We will also consider Studio GAs for other teaching roles in FYW after a period of teaching the Studio. 

Candidates must be enrolled in a graduate program at UConn with less than a full GAship. The ENGL 1007 Studio GAship can account for the gap between a full and a partial GAship. 

We invite candidates from all disciplines, schools, and fields who have completed the CETL TA training or can demonstrate equivalent baseline training required of all Teaching Assistants who staff UConn undergraduate courses. During the semester, Studio instructors will meet with an experienced instructor and/or the program director every other week in a practicum which will support their teaching. Candidates do not need to be experienced using multiple technologies or teaching writing, but they must demonstrate a willingness to support students who are experimenting with new technologies. 


What is ENGL 1007 Composing Studio?

The Studio is a makerspace in which students experiment with different ways of communicating ideas and their research. The ENGL 1007 1-credit Studio focuses on developing students’ digital literacy skills through creating digital texts and learning about how digital texts exist and circulate in the world. Students taking the studio also take a 3-credit seminar component, in which they develop a series of projects based on their course’s inquiry that they bring with them into the Studio where they work on recreating (or remixing) their work into new, digital genres which they will curate into an Exhibition Portfolio by the end of the semester. Students are given space to play and experiment with different technologies and genres and are asked to pay particular attention to creating accessible digital texts for a wide range of audiences as they develop their digital work. 

The ENGL 1007 Studio meets for an hour and 50 minutes every other week in dedicated, tech-equipped rooms; 32 students from two seminar courses work on multimodal projects in these spaces. The Studio is a hybrid course that alternates in-person meetings every other week with online modules in HuskyCT. The online content is pre-made, and we also supply activities for in-class meetings, which you are welcome to revise and/or expand to meet student needs. Instructors facilitate active learning in a workshop-style setting. 

You can learn more information about our program, ENGL 1007, and the studio on our website

GAs hired to teach studio will be required to attend a 1 day workshop on Friday, August 26th, 2022 from 10 AM - 4 PM. Lunch will be provided. 



Fall 2022. Future teaching opportunities in FYW may arise out of this appointment. This is dependent on section availability. 



You can apply for a .50 GAship (three 1-credit sections; 10 hours) or .33 GAship (two 1-credit sections; 6.67 hours), or a .165 (a single 1-credit section; 3.33 hours). 

GAs teaching the ENGL 1007 studio are listed as instructors of record and have the following responsibilities: 

  • Facilitate in-person Studio sessions using program-provided materials
  • Provide in-class feedback and support for student work
  • Record students’ grades on HuskyCT 
  • Interact with Seminar instructors 
  • Maintain and update program-provided HuskyCT Studio course site
  • Respond to student questions by pointing them to resources
  • Evaluate student work using a program-provided grading contract
  • Host weekly office hours (roughly an hour per studio section)
  • Communicate with students and linked seminar instructors


How to Apply: 

Please fill out the form below. *Experiences teaching writing or creating multimedia are not required to apply*


Application to Teach ENGL 1007 Studio

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    Cover letter (2 pages max). In your cover letter, please articulate your teaching experiences and approach to active learning, especially, if applicable, as they relate to writing instruction. Please also describe how these experiences will inform how you will approach teaching in our program, paying particular attention to our program’s values and goals.
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