FYW Certificate in the Teaching of Writing

Our Certificate in the Teaching of Writing is designed to encourage instructors to better their teaching and to  reflect on their pedagogies in the context of a larger teaching—and  writing—community.  Towards that end, our immediate goals for the Certificate are as follows:

  1. To encourage continued professional development for teachers of writing within the First-Year Writing program.
  2. To improve already existing programs and policies within First-Year Writing and to continue to implement programs that both improve the quality of instruction for UConn students and the quality of administrative support for graduate instructors.
  3. To recognize, codify, and institutionalize work already being done by First-Year Writing TAs within the FYW program.

Though all applications are reviewed by the Co-Directors of  the First-Year Writing program, this Certificate is not intended to be a  mark of their approval or disapproval. Instead, the intent behind the Certificate is to encourage the  active, ongoing reassessment of teaching goals and priorities on the part of all First-Year Writing instructors and administrators.

For more information on the certificate requirements, follow these links: