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Employment Opportunities

Below, you’ll find the employment opportunities available for summer and fall 2017. To submit an application, please click on the title of each job, fill out the short form, and upload any necessary materials (these are not yet live, but will be later this week).


Fall 2017

Assistant Director of FYW

The two Assistant Directors (AD) contribute to both the Storrs campus First-Year Writing Program ( and the statewide Early College English (ECE) program (  In tandem, the two Assistant Directors provide teaching support for instructors and administrative support for these two connected programs, while helping articulate and advance program visions for teaching first-year writing. For both the Storrs campus FYW Program and the ECE program, the ADs:    

  • consult regularly with instructors about assignment development, grading, academic integrity, and classroom management;
  • collect and sort teaching materials;
  • collect and manage student materials (for waiver requests, etc);
  • develop support materials for instructors in the program, which in the past have included the FYW and ECE websites, the Teaching Resource Workbook and Introduction Week workshops, weekly digest emails, and professional development workshops;
  • prepare statistics on the programs;
  • work on assessment projects;
  • coordinate with the library staff;
  • direct the annual Conference on the Teaching of Writing.

As an assistantship, this is a 20-hour per week position. The majority of those hours are spent in the office (over at least three days), including attendance at a weekly staff meeting, and meetings/correspondence with the ECE faculty coordinator.  Other hours may be spent checking email over the weekend or helping coordinate events.

Application details: Letter of interest and CV

Application deadline: Monday, March 6, by 11:59 p.m.



Summer 2017

Introduction Week and Program Support Committee

We seek applicants who have shown a sustained engagement with our program’s pedagogical goals and who seek to collaborate with a team of engaged instructors to support our program as a whole. We may also seek experienced instructors to develop a few panels and presentations for Introduction Week, and a small stipend will be provided for this work. More details about these positions will be made available in late April.

Dates of Employment: On-site duties include a planning meeting in April, two weeks of planning early in the summer (TBD), and two weeks in August: August 14–18 and Introduction Week August 21–25.

Stipend: $1500–2500, paid across two installments (May and August)

Eligibility: Any active instructor of First-Year Writing may apply

Number of positions: 5

Contact: Brenda Brueggemann, Lisa Blansett, or Ruth Book (the First-Year Writing Office, Austin 162)

Application deadline: Monday, March 6, by 11:59 p.m.

Application requirements: Please submit a one- to two-page letter of interest that explains your qualifications and articulates how you would envision and shape Introduction Week 2017. Your letter should demonstrate familiarity with the pedagogy and goals of the program as well as with recent developments in the Introduction Week materials and programming.

Those on the planning committee will have overlapping responsibilities and share work in in the following areas. In your letter, please indicate how you would best be able to contribute to our team:

  • Curriculum development (including revision of the baseline syllabi and other materials)
  • Resource development (including revision and development of the resource workbook; remediating materials for other formats, including the website)
  • Program liaison (including working with library staff and other campus offices)
  • Communications (including contacting incoming TAs via website, email, phone, mail; coordinating mentors for incoming TAs)
  • Logistics (including organizing rooms, food, and social events)


Summer Teaching

Teaching 1004 and 1010 with SASP (Student-Athlete Success Program):

The SASP (formerly CPIA) summer program for incoming athletes is looking for instructors to teach sections of 1004 and 1010. The program also includes tutorial support, and students take an additional study skills component that is coordinated with the English courses.

Dates of Employment: Two sections in Special Summer Session, still TBD (last year’s ran June 20–August 5, 2016); classes meet Monday through Thursday, 9:30 a.m.–12:30 p.m.

Stipend: Approximately $6,000 (equivalent to adjunct pay for a four-credit course)

Eligibility: Any active instructor of First-Year Writing is eligible to apply. The 1004 instructor must have already attended a 1004 orientation or taught 1004 in the past.

Contact: Brenda Brueggemann, Lisa Blansett, or Ruth Book (the First-Year Writing Office, Austin 162)

Application deadline: Monday, March 6, at 11:59 p.m.

Application requirements: Please submit a letter of interest and existing course materials, including a syllabus, assignment prompt, and an example of commentary on a student’s work (first or final draft).


New! Summer 1004 Teaching Assistant with 1004 Training

We invite experienced instructors to assist in teaching the first online ENGL 1004 summer course while receiving in-service training to teach ENGL 1004 in future terms. We are specifically looking for instructors who have not previously taught ENGL 1004 or worked extensively (or confidently) with multilingual writers.

The summer class will run for six weeks (dates TBD) and will be fully online (residency will not be required, but tech requirements will have to be met). This online version of 1004 is being developed through UConn’s eCampus, so the TAs will not need to plan and prepare the readings, assignments, and activities.

For the 15 students assigned to their “section” of the 1004 course, the TA will:

  • oversee their in-class (asynchronous) work
  • lead their online writing workshops
  • respond to their drafts
  • grade their final drafts according to agreed-upon criteria
  • answer questions for students in their section (triage)

The primary instructor will guide and facilitate all TA work. For example, the primary instructor and TAS will work collaboratively when responding to student work.

Successful applicants must be able to attend one face-to-face, on-campus meeting on Tuesday, May 9 (the day grades are due), and complete an online orientation to the course. The training will introduce TAs to teaching technologies such as Blackboard Collaborate, VoiceThread, and MediaSite while familiarizing the TA with the course content and structure. In addition, as part of the training, a few relevant readings in the field of second-language writing and online writing courses will also be assigned to the TAs and discussed in an online course shell created for this purpose.

Contact: Lisa Blansett

Number of positions: 2

Stipend: Each TA will be compensated as a 2-credit summer TA, $3,112.

Application deadline: Monday, March 6, at 11:59 p.m.

Application requirements:Please send a letter of application describing how you might adapt to working in an online course (and) with inexperienced speakers and writers of English; please include a teaching philosophy statement.