Supplemental Materials

These materials consist of informational guides and resources, as well as prompts you can respond to and edit in order to develop your course materials. The Supplemental Materials are not required to be completed, but new instructors are strongly encouraged to work through them as they prepare for the Summer Teaching Workshop. You will notice that the folders are separated into dates corresponding to this year's Summer Teaching Workshop: 8/23, 8/24, and 8/25. The documents in each folder are intended to be completed by/for that date (not on/during), and are numbered in the order that we felt would be most helpful (although they can be completed in any order).
Supplemental Materials Folder
Please begin by watching an introductory video from our directors about the program:
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And, importantly, please read the instructions for using the documents (after watching the introduction video) for more complete guidelines and background (found in the main folder under "Files" and marked as "[Read first!]").