Student Writing Resources

Many of the best resources available for helping you write effective essays for your First-Year Writing course are here on campus: your peers, your instructor, and the UConn Writing Center. Talk with your instructor early and often if you’re struggling with an assignment or if you just want to brainstorm ideas. Ask a classmate from your writing course (someone who understands exactly what the expectations are for this assignment) to read and offer feedback on your draft—and do the same for theirs. Make an appointment at the Writing Center to get safe, outside feedback on your writing at any stage of the process.

But of course, sometimes it’s helpful to find answers to your questions at home. Here are some useful links you might want to check out:

How do I make an outline?

OWL at Purdue:  Writing a Research Paper (includes links to creation of argumentative or analytical outlines)

My instructor says I need to work on transitions—what does that mean?

UNC’s Help with Transitions

Help with Grammar

How do I “fix my grammar” when I don’t even know what some of the terms mean, much less how to fix the problems?

OWL at Purdue: Grammar


MLA citations (APA and Chicago style listed as optional choices)

Citation Machine (As with every online citation tool, be sure to triple-check your citations to make sure there is no info missing. The computer isn’t responsible for your ethical scholarship; you are!)

MLA paper format:

OWL at Purdue: MLA Formatting and Style Guide

How do I format a paper in MLA format when I’m not even sure how to adjust things like headers, footers, italics, and so on?

D.G. Jerz, Seton Hall’s MLA Style: Step-By-Step Instructions

Internet help:

OWL at Purdue:  Searching the World Wide Web

APA citation:

OWL at Purdue: APA Formatting and Style Guide