Spring 2021 Availability Forms

Spring 2021 Graduate Student Availability Form

Studio Availability (All Instructors)

  • Studio Availability

    Studios will have dedicated, synchronous sessions of 50 minutes every other week in Spring 2021 and will not have Discussion Boards and Journals. Every synchronous session will be on either Thursday or Friday. Each Studio has 32 students in it. This form is for those interested in running Studio sessions. Each graduate Studio instructor will teach three Studio sections and 1 Seminar section. Please note that only Studio-certified instructors will be eligible to teach the Studio. If you participated in the WAT Workshop in Fall 2019, if you participated in the Fall 2019 or Spring 2020 pilot courses, or if you taught the Studio in Fall 2020, you are Studio-eligible. If you are not, there is space below to indicate your interest in Studio eligibility.
  • 3 initials + 5 digits
  • 7 digit number
  • Click the + button to add more times. All synchronous sessions will be scheduled for 50 minutes on either Thursday or Friday.
  • If you're interested in teaching an Honors Seminar section, check this box. Honors instructors will also be Studio instructors.

Spring 2021 Availability (Adjunct Faculty)