Writing Course Equivalency Review Material submission


you have chosen to apply for a “Writing Course Equivalency Review.” In order to do that, please make sure that you understand what you need to have a course regarded as equivalent to First Year Writing. Also, you must submit all of the materials requested below.

CER Materials Submission Form

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    Please see "CER Required Materials Criteria" in the dropdown below.
  • Use this field to provide any context you feel is necessary to help us evaluate your materials.
  • Submit a syllabus from a second composition course that is NOT the course that transferred in as ENGL-91002/91003. Only submit a syllabus if you have completed a composition course at another university, and received at least three transfer credits coded either ENGL 91002 or ENGL 91003, AND you have completed an ADDITIONAL academic writing course you believe should have been transferred as a writing course from another institution. You need six credits of writing courses to apply toward First-Year Writing.

    Please don’t send the syllabus from a class that transferred as ENGL 91002 or 91003! This is a common mistake, and it can delay the process significantly. This class must be a college composition course or another writing-intensive course in which writing and thinking about writing were the central focus. Remember: not all classes that involve writing are writing classes!

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